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                                    iStaging is an AR/VR commercial content cloud platform with a mission to ""Bring Imagination to Life!"" 
 Since 2015, iStaging has brought together augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Generating AR/VR content is made as easy as taking a photo on a mobile phone. The successful merge with the AR/VR R&D team at the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI) turns iStaging into one of the most promising startups, invested by Taiwan's National Development Fund (NDF), Daya Ventures, WI Harper Investment Funds, ASUS, as well as other renowned global institutional investors.
 With R&D headquartered in Taiwan, iStaging has offices in Silicon Valley, Europe, China, and Hong Kong. The team of top international talent continues to innovate and develop assorted key technologies. The company has won various international awards and holds international patents. 
 iStaging takes pride in the fact that its AI-powered software solutions are used in a wide range of business applications in various industry verticals, not to mention that leading brands highly acclaim the solutions. The company uses AI in its core technology to facilitate the creation of AR/VR content. It is guaranteed to be as easy as taking a photo on a mobile phone. So far, iStaging has built a global AR/VR content ecosystem with commercial users in over 50 countries.

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                        iStaging's portfolio of patented AR, VR, and AI algorithms that power 2D and 3D cloud computing and mixed reality (MR) content streaming platforms have the advantage of producing visuals ten times faster than other solutions on the market and does so with more accuracy and is distortion-free. Business applications include real estate, international trade & exhibitions, fashion boutiques, new retail, and culture and tourism. The global ecosystem for cloud-based automatic capturing and generation of 3D AR/VR content continues to grow exponentially. Early-movers such as iStaging have created a gap that even well-funded latecomers cannot bridge.