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Virtual and Physical Media Integration Association of Taiwan

                                    The Virtual and Physical Media Integration Association of Taiwan (VPAT) was founded in 2017 with a group of talented new media creators, scholars, and software/hardware providers. VPAT engages in the research and development of cross-field creations based on digital technologies, such as virtual and real projection integration, VR/AR/XR, live computer imaging, large interactive devices and electronic control and so on. The works center around professional applications for exhibitions, events, performing arts, concerts and television production.

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                        “Through the Body” is a surreal immersive theater experience based on the director's childhood memory during Taiwan's martial law period in the 1970s, when human beings were only recognized by the ruling class based on a few qualities.
 In “Through the Body”, the memory of the martial law period and ultra-modern digital technologies are fused to represent the control over people's lives and beliefs. The audience experiences the journey through the eyes of an old man who was a political criminal under a government's secret experiment. After his death, he becomes a ghost and descends to the underworld. In Taiwanese folk belief, the gates of hell opens during the ""Ghost Month"" for ghosts to visit their families. The old man's ghost goes back to earth. Through his eyes, the folk culture forms a rich spiritual world interwoven with nature. However, a mechanical force starts to deteriorate the spiritual world, eventually reducing human forms and memory into simple geometrical shapes that can be easily processed by the technologies.